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Celine crossbody handbag

Celine crossbody handbag

The Celine crossbody handbag from Jonathan Cate Inc. is a unique design, with a large central compartment, and two fold out sections for all your storage needs.

The handbag features premium leather, gold plated hardware, and a delightful tweed front to add texture and color pop. The strap is adjustable with 7 positions, so you can find the perfect length to suit your needs.

Inside the handbag, the main compartment has storage pouch on one side and a zipper pouch on the other.

The front flap is held in place with a magnet that has a guiding lip, for ease of use.

The back of the purse has a storage compartment as well, and is a great place to store things like you cell phone. That way you can access you phone quickly and with ease.

The Celine crossbody handbag also includes a dust bag to protect your handbag while it's not in use.

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